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Here are some quality sites on horticultural topics that have a high degree of educational and informational value to ornamental gardeners and plant enthusiasts living in the southeast Texas region in climate zones 8-9. These sites contain information on topics not covered on other subject links in our Home Page. Our subject matter pages will contain additional links as appropriate (e.g. other sites on Gingers can be found on our "Gingers" page). We will continue to supplement these links as we discover other sites that provide quality information on specific horticultural topics and plants that can be grown in the southeast Texas region.  These sites are listed by general topic classifications:  These categories include   PLANT SPECIFIC SITES,   GENERAL HORTICULTURAL REFERENCE SITES,   REGIONAL PLANT SITES,    BOTANICAL INSTITUTIONAL SITE, and HORTICULTURAL FORUMS.   If you encounter a "dead" link or  know of a quality site you think should be on this list   please let us know.  





  The Tropical Hibiscus
This is a great place to go if you're interested in tropical hibiscus along with excellent links to other sites relating to tropicals grown in Florida. Be prepared for slow surfing - lots of pictures to pull up.
 Orchid Photo Page  

 This site has 100+ excellent orchid photos by genera and species.  

The Orchid House

  I love this Canadian site in terms of providing comprehensive and detailed information about orchids all in one location.
Thought about a wildflower garden? Check this site out for valuable information and photos of wildflowers including Texas's own.

Guide to Antique Roses

This site has excellent information and recommended selections for antique roses.  It is sponsored by the Antique Rose Emporium in Brenham, TX.

Virtual Palm Encyclopedia

An on-line encyclopedia with information about palms from around the world


The American Begonia Society has excellent pictorial and descriptive information on Begonias.

This link takes you to their "virtual greenhouse" describing the types and showing great images


This page provides an excellent reference chart on the..genus Bambusa, the clumping bamboos.

The Cycad Pages  

One of the best reference sites for identification and information about cycads from around the world




Texas A&M Horticultural Home Page
Lots of educational information, links, and horticultural topic search capability.   Aggie Horticulture is a great reference site for Texans especially.

Landscape Water Conservation...Xeriscape  

This Texas A&M site provides good coverage of Xeriscaping to conserve water.  The tables of recommended plants is by state region, not by climate zone, so could be misleading to Houstonians, but all the other information provided on this topic is excellent.  


This site is a good reference source about plants suitable for the Gulf Coast area. 

  American Garden Museum

This is a new and developing site that focuses on the the everyday American ornamental garden.

It shows representative gardens from around the country in photos and descriptions to stimulate your mind.   Anyone can contribute their garden story for posting on this site. 

  Vascular Plant Image Gallery

A very extensive collection of vascular plant photos. When you need to identify a plant 

from a photo only, this may be the place to find it.  Sorted by families/genera.

  Identification of Major Fruit Types

A great reference sight for information on fruit types.  

Edible Flowers

A very interesting site with a list of flowers that are edible - some may surprise you.





    Wildflowers in Texas
This site was created by a seventh grade class!  The images, information on Texas wildflowers is excellent.

  Texas Super Star Plants

A list of plants tested by Texas A&M and declared to be superstar performers for Texas

   Grow Green - City of Austin

A must see reference site for Central Texas gardeners - encourages water conservation and environmentally beneficial gardening

Soul of the Garden (by Tom Spencer)

An inspirational site guaranteed to transport you into garden heaven.






  Mercer Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Only one of 5 County operated Botanical Gardens in the U. S.

Zilker Botanical Garden - Austin

Located in the heart of Austin, TX

  Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center - Austin

Check out their native plant database - a wealth of information on native plants for Central Texas can be found here.

San Antonio Botanical Garden

This botanical garden  should be visited if in San Antonio - excellent displays.





   Plant Swap

This is a place where you can talk about gardening and advertise and find plant swaps in the Southeast Texas or other regional area..


Additional informative links will be found on each of this sites primary topic pages.

Some commercial sites are very educational and may be included on our list above.  However, we do not imply recommendation or endorsement of any products that might be presented at any of these sites.

  Let us know of any other site references that would benefit visitors to this home page. Please contact us.